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Domain Names are Internet Real Estate

Welcome to We are a unique domain name brokerage service which exclusively works with sellers of premium domains. We offer a competative commission structure at 8.8% and we only work with about one dozen clients at a time. This gives us far more time to provide for our clients the very best service in the least amount of time. We are also a consulting service and will work with clients who in turn wish to develope their domain into a full website. Below on this simple page you will see offers for what we consider to be some of the best services to get you started. Godaddy has over the years proven itself time and again to be an all in one provider. We also include a link to which we believe is one of the very best hosting services, as proven over many years of reliable service. Also we are recomending (Not as a means to sell your premium domain of course) but to perhaps purchase or sell smaller less consequetial domains, or to buy a domain that looks like it fits your needs. Currently acronym domains (which is our speciality) are being sold for record prices. Several years ago we brokered the sale of for $75,000 USD and in todays market there is no telling what it would sell for. Certainly when working to find a buyer for your premium domain name we will do our best to find the highest possible offer using our many resoures and leads. Our ultimate goal will however always be to find what we call the 'final buyer.' This is the buyer after which there will be no other. Examples include obvious ones such as AOL, and KFC but recently American Furniture Warehouse found itself a home with Additionally was recently purchased by facebook. I seriously doubt that that domain name will ever be sold to another buyer.

You can contact us at or or call us at

1-800-305-2379 ext #777

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